An UTAU/VOCALOID producer who specilizes in english utau and otos, but does other things also?? idk man I suck at bios

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Hello Waterfall!

Hey there! I'm an UTAU/Vocaloid producer and I wanted to maybe try and open art commissions in the commission market here. I'll probably be posting my work (both art and music) and I look forward to meeting the waterfall community!

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Like/reblog this if you post vocaloid/utau stuff so I can follow you! I basically never used tumblr but this place seems chill so I think I'll stick around XD

Smoke and Mirrors

This cover was a long time coming, eh? Glad I got it done in time for the holiday xD

(art and other credits in the youtube description + at the end of the video)

I'm too exhausted to draw basically all the time now but I managed to get something done for Miku today

Send Me "Which Character Would...?" Questions!

looking-glass-of-seraphim -

I'll respond with which one(s) I think fit the most for the thing in question!

And, who knows, I might also add on some extra headcanons that relate to that as well. ^^

It's so good to hear one of my fav vocaloid producers at it again, even if I can't understand the lyrics

happy birthday to our digital queen~

"Just like you’re journeying through a world you’ve yet to see, whose name you don’t even know.

Come, sing quietly to yourself the melody born from the passage of time.

The tears you’re shedding are the very proof that you’re alive;

so come, cry out as loudly as you can, to your heart’s content."


Happy Birthday to our Virtual Angel, Hatsune Miku.

Lyrics are from "Birthday" by ryuryu feat. Hatsune Miku.

Some art for an upcoming cover, I'm posting it here early because I'm proud xD

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Update: the cover is done!

Some art for an upcoming cover, I'm posting it here early because I'm proud xD

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I was playing around with layer modes and now I have a Miku!!

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I don't know what art fight is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask

thellere -

Ooh, OK. That sounds pretty neat but I'll be honest considering how much I've seen people have been hyping it up for the last couple of months that's a surprisingly anticlimactic answer

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Thell, you cannot just hide this in the tags.

Fennec fox
Vulpes zerda

C Derek Keats, CC 2.0

Pokeball!! Go!!

Art Fight attack for @angelicaphelion!

If anyone wants to attack me on AF, my username is @/birdehanimates, and I'm on Team Sugar! I'll revenge back any attacks that come my way, whether it's an attack or friendly fire!

Link to my AF!

I'm honestly not sure how much of my stuff from youtube I wanna post here but like

It's most of what I do xD

But I also don't wanna just spam waterfall with UTAU covers so idk, what would y'all like to see more of?


I'm too proud of this art not to post it here lol

The voicebank's coming out March 1st! Be there!

I want to follow more people

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Interact with this post if you are

At least 17

Post Original (or fan)art including

  1. Digital art

  2. Traditional art

  3. Photography

  4. Crafts (especially yarn crafts)

It doesn't have to be constant, but I'd like to follow more artists!

Also Witchcraft/magic blogs

If you are younger than 17 you are welcome to follow me, but I likely won't follow back as I am (almost) 27 years old.

If I already follow you, you are welcome to repour to signalboost

I keep forgetting to use this blog lol I keep using my personal instead

Gyarados Colour Palette Challenge

based on the Gold sprite~

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Send me one and I’ll respond to each! (taken from here)

☕: How do you take your coffee?

🎂: I feel happy when I see you in my notifications.

🍰: You’re sweet and I like you!

🍜: I wish I could be a person who makes you happy.

🍌: Seeing you makes me feel optimistic.

🌠: What gives you hope for the future?

🌨: What do you like to do on rainy days?

🌈: Are you open to making new friends?

🎀: You’re a gift to this world.

🎃: I want to play and tell jokes with you.

🔭: What holds your attention lately?

🏹: I wish I could know you personally.

🎳: We share a lot of interests and opinions.

🎲: We don’t have much in common but I like how you express yourself.

🐣: You’re an angel.

🐢: Your presence is relaxing.

💤: I have a platonic crush on you.

💌: I have a romantic crush on you.

Jhuidah the Island Faerie

Jhuidah, from Mystery Island in Neopets!