An UTAU/VOCALOID producer who specilizes in english utau and otos, but does other things also?? idk man I suck at bios

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Hello Waterfall!

Hey there! I'm an UTAU/Vocaloid producer and I wanted to maybe try and open art commissions in the commission market here. I'll probably be posting my work (both art and music) and I look forward to meeting the waterfall community!

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Like/reblog this if you post vocaloid/utau stuff so I can follow you! I basically never used tumblr but this place seems chill so I think I'll stick around XD

WHEW art..nothing substantial only my crush

5 minute artist meme

Saw this trending on Twitter and decided to join!

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id love to participate but i don't understand like 1/3 of this, should i still call myself an artist?

Aimaina Iimo

I felt like making a little art for my last cover, so here it is!

COVID-19, Quarantine, and the Commission Marketplace

staff -

Hello everyone,

By now, you're almost certainly acutely aware of the global health emergency going on. Chances are you're also being forced to self-isolate, or your workplace has shut down.

We're very aware that this is a concerning time for everyone and for many, financial uncertainty is almost as big a concern as being ill right now. While we can't help everyone, we're doing what we can for our artists, for some of whom commissions are likely to be their only source of income for the near future.

With immediate effect, the Commission Marketplace fees have been adjusted. For lower priced tiers, we've lowered the take as far as we can push it without it costing us - in other words, just enough to cover the payment processors fees. On all milestones over $10, we now take 5%, including the payment processor fee. This means artists will now recieve up to 95% of the list price, which should be putting us better than PayPal in some cases.

On milestones costing less than $6, Waterfall will still take 10% (remember - this 10% includes the fees for Stripe, which we pay on your behalf). For those between $6 and $7, we'll take 9%. Less than $8, we'll take 8%, etc etc, until less than $10 where we'll take 6%. After that, we only take 5%. For non-USD users, the same rates and thresholds apply in your local currency. For users billing in Japanese Yen, the treshholds are ¥599, ¥699, etc through ¥999.

We're also looking into adding PayPal support as soon as possible for those unable to use Stripe.

While we'd love to say "screw it, fees waived", we're unfortunately not large enough or in a financial position to do that right now, so we're hoping that the rates being pushed as low as we can go without bankrupting ourselves gives our artists the boost they need.

The reduced rates will remain in place until the outbreak slows down and infection control measures begin to be lifted.

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たくさんの罪を 携えて来たんだろう
You must have carried a lot of sins with you.
It's okay to be broken (?)
Even if I can't find a reason to live
I am still afraid of death.

I'm just so scared.
To realize that and keep living,
Yet I am still alive.

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teto is not tall. momo and yufu are just 4'11

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I have been blessed by Yin


Wednesday Addam Style Test

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Sukone Tei

Flat Chibi Tests (Blair and Konagi)

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Painting based on Aja

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Bottle Miku


I'm too proud of this art not to post it here lol

The voicebank's coming out March 1st! Be there!


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Y'all I just opened my commission market profile!

Check it out! I look forward to using the commission market!

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30 minute miku

Bunny 「DeepVocal」

The bank won't come out until her birthday on March 1st but I thought I'd post the art here ahead of time because I'm proud of it XD

Design by greyvestone on DA

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gender is fake vocaloid is real