An UTAU/VOCALOID producer who specilizes in english utau and otos, but does other things also?? idk man I suck at bios

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Some art for an upcoming cover, I'm posting it here early because I'm proud xD

Aimaina Iimo

I felt like making a little art for my last cover, so here it is!


I'm too proud of this art not to post it here lol

The voicebank's coming out March 1st! Be there!


Y'all I just opened my commission market profile!

Check it out! I look forward to using the commission market!

Bunny 「DeepVocal」

The bank won't come out until her birthday on March 1st but I thought I'd post the art here ahead of time because I'm proud of it XD

Design by greyvestone on DA

Steel Angel [FANART]

It seems they'd been shot down as soon as they'd remembered how to fly....

Strovi's latest song gave me feelings, I had to draw fanart of it XD