An UTAU/VOCALOID producer who specilizes in english utau and otos, but does other things also?? idk man I suck at bios

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Some art for an upcoming cover, I'm posting it here early because I'm proud xD

yinyangpmusic -

Update: the cover is done!

I'm honestly not sure how much of my stuff from youtube I wanna post here but like

It's most of what I do xD

But I also don't wanna just spam waterfall with UTAU covers so idk, what would y'all like to see more of?

The Abyss

Finally bullied myself into making art for this, the song's been done for ages xD Edited and unedited versions

Listen on Youtube

Scattered Glass (UTAU Cover)

I'm really proud of this tuning tbh, it turned out really well

Little Ripper Boy (Acoustic Ver.)

I'm super happy with how this came out tbh so I thought I'd post it here XD

Originals - YouTube

Original Songs Playlist

Figured I'd start by posting my original work; I post a lot of covers but I write songs too XD (maybe don't listen to the old ones)