An UTAU/VOCALOID producer who specilizes in english utau and otos, but does other things also?? idk man I suck at bios

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Another Gakupo cover & video, this time OGRE by Utsu-P!

beretta (Kamui Gakupo V4)

I've been lazy about posting covers here but! I got Gakupo's trial and I absolutely love him so here's a cover xD

Loveit - GUMI

It feels like I haven't drawn anything in forever (ngl you can kinda tell) but I thought it'd be fun to draw Gumi for the cover I made!

Smoke and Mirrors

This cover was a long time coming, eh? Glad I got it done in time for the holiday xD

(art and other credits in the youtube description + at the end of the video)

It's so good to hear one of my fav vocaloid producers at it again, even if I can't understand the lyrics

I'm honestly not sure how much of my stuff from youtube I wanna post here but like

It's most of what I do xD

But I also don't wanna just spam waterfall with UTAU covers so idk, what would y'all like to see more of?

The Abyss

Finally bullied myself into making art for this, the song's been done for ages xD Edited and unedited versions

Listen on Youtube

Aimaina Iimo

I felt like making a little art for my last cover, so here it is!


I'm too proud of this art not to post it here lol

The voicebank's coming out March 1st! Be there!

Bunny 「DeepVocal」

The bank won't come out until her birthday on March 1st but I thought I'd post the art here ahead of time because I'm proud of it XD

Design by greyvestone on DA

Originals - YouTube

Original Songs Playlist

Figured I'd start by posting my original work; I post a lot of covers but I write songs too XD (maybe don't listen to the old ones)

Hello Waterfall!

Hey there! I'm an UTAU/Vocaloid producer and I wanted to maybe try and open art commissions in the commission market here. I'll probably be posting my work (both art and music) and I look forward to meeting the waterfall community!

Youtube|Bandcamp|DeviantArt|Twitter|Official Website

OTO Commissions|Art Commissions

Like/reblog this if you post vocaloid/utau stuff so I can follow you! I basically never used tumblr but this place seems chill so I think I'll stick around XD